Vineyard Information

Grape variety: 100% Verduzzo Friulano
Soil profile: hillslope marl
Vineyard area: Ramandolo DOCG zone within the Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC area

Vinification process

Harvest: late (mid to end October), picked by hand into shallow boxes
Drying: in special lofts for about 2-3 weeks
Pressing: gentle, followed by brief maceration on skins
Fermentation: in 225-litre oak barrels
Filtration and maturation: in oak for 18-24 months
Release: several months after bottling

Wine description

Appearance: rich antique yellow-gold
Bouquet: very complex, releasing emphatic notes of dried and candied fruit, mixed nuts, apricot, orange zest, fig, date, and honey, enlivened with floral nuances of broom and lime blossom, and in the background, spice and toasty oak.
Palate: very rich, smooth, sweet, and appealingly fat, with acidity and residual sugar in a dynamic balance. Long-lingering finish attractively laden with aromatic fruit.

Serving suggestions

Delicious with highly-flavoured or blue cheeses.
Outstanding with foie gras and with petits fours and fruit-based sweets, but wonderful sipped all by itself, as a “vino da meditazione."

Serve at 14-15°C.

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